dimecres, 4 de novembre del 2015

Spanish lessons for foreigners/ Clases de castellano para extranjeros

Dies i horaris a convenir.

Des de 15 Euros/classe
Cal ser o fer-se soci/ sócia.

Info i inscripció: ecosbcn@gmail.com 

Native Teacher with ELE qualifications from IH Barcelona
One-to-one or group classes at our local cultural association: L'Antic Forn de Vallcarca


-Enjoy speaking in spanish: Improve your fluency though general or topic based conversation and learn about the culture
-Develop your skills: Understanding, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, reading, writting, etc
-Method used: Authentic materials (Internet, short films, newspapers, magazines, etc) and a combination of text books

Relaxed and fun atmosphere * all levels * from 16 to 99 years old (or more!!!)

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